22-23 Housing Staff

Welcome to your home away from home Sand Sharks. We work hard to cultivate an environment where the community members feel they belong, feel they have a voice, and feel they are empowered to grow and develop into the people they want to become. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being a community where safety, individuality, uniqueness, diversity, and inclusion are valued. Studies show that students who live on campus get better grades, meet new people and begin friendships, grow their self-esteem and independence, have opportunities to engage academically and socially, and persist and graduate at higher rates.

Please feel free to get aquainted with housing's new software. You will use this site to:

  • Apply for housing
  • Cancel your housing application
  • Complete a housing exemption request
  • Search for roommates
  • Participate in online room selection
  • Apply for Room Change

Also, take note of the facebook news feeds on this page, as they can serve as useful resources of information.